As an amateur astrophotographer I am faced with the realization that this is not a simple hobby. I was surprised that most of the equipment I purchased lacked detailed instructions, or did not include documentation about integration into a complete imaging system or in many cases how it worked. I've struggled for about 3 years to learn the basics, and while I know how to capture deep sky images, I'm far from an expert.

I'm sure there are many more like me, so that is why was started - to help each other in our quest to enjoy astronomy and astrophotography. I hope it will become a community of fellow enthusiasts, who can learn, share and grow, regardless of experience level.

We're just getting started, so now's a great time to join our group. Please introduce yourself and by all means offer suggestions as to what topics and content you'd like to see. I just populated a few forums but would like to add many more, so let's get started.

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